Matt Hanson - 2015 & 2107 North American Ironman Champion

Storm Lake, IA


The Riivo shoes are absolutely awesome. From the first ride, I knew I made the right choice. They are the stiffest, yet most comfortable shoe that I have ever rode in. It was great to be able to design a shoe to have everything I wanted in and on them, and look any way I liked. Absolutely nothing I would change.



Professional Triathlete



Balazs Csoke

Woodlands, TX


First thing I have noticed about the shoes, that they are extremely comfortable and just feel so natural. I didn’t need any time to get use to them or wear them in, they were perfect from the first moment. Another very important factor is that, you have a chance to talk to the person directly who makes the shoes. I don’t think anyone can experience something like this when you purchase a sport good. I am extremely happy since I’ve been riding Riivo Shoes




Ironman Champion Professional Triathlete



Dirk Sprogoe

St. Louis, Missouri


I've tried many brands of custom cycling shoes, from Italian Nalini's to 3 different American brands.  Each of them required me to send them back to "modify" the fit, and none of them were very durable.  From the moment I put on my Riivo's, I was pleased.  They fit perfectly and didn't look like a kid's high school project.  They've held up amazingly, and I plan on adding a mountain pair in the near future.  Save yourself some time, buy the Riivo's, and I can promise you that the biggest problem you will have with them is picking which model and which colors you'll want.


Cat II, road/track/cyclocross.  Expert Mtb



Peter Kotland

Moore, SC


Work of Art!

    After racing, and training for over 20 years, I finally took the next logical step up, and opted for a semi-custom Sincro RIIVO cycling shoes. In the past I've used almost every brand out there. Some of them just didn't fit at all, some of them were pretty good, and comfortable.

However, non of them can compare to my Sincro shoes. After using them for over 6,000mi my feet have never been happier.

Things I notices - never have to loosen them or adjust them during long ride - they just fit perfect. No hotspots! They are extremely light - you can't almost feel them. Very breathable. Riding in 100+F temperatures, and high humidity - again absolutely no discomfort.

Brad - thank you for getting into to cycling shoes! Simply great!


professional triathlete



Chris Evans

Redwood City, CA


I've been very happy with the semi-custom shoes I received. The fit is exactly what I hoped for and the build quality has been impeccable. I've only had the shoes for ~3000 miles, but if I cleaned them you wouldn't be able to tell them from new.


NCNCA 30-34 District RR Champion, cat 2



Brain Thieme

St Louis Missouri


After riding with my new Riivo shoes for a couple weeks I can very happily say that I am able to ride pain free for the first time in many years, my feet are different sizes and different widths one is a little under a 10 EE and the other is an 11 standard width. I have tried the top of the line Shimano road shoe which is heat mold able and sidi megas and never able to ride without terrible pain in my feet, my Riivo's have finally alleviated that. I couldn't be more happy with the shoes and the service, Brad took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns and the build quality is amazing I had a chance to see these and another custom shoe makers products at NAHBS and it was no question to me as to which were made better. If your considering them take the jump and do it your feet will thank you !




Rich Mull

Malibu, CA


I have two pair of the Riivo Tekna full custom shoes.  I have had them a couple of years and absolutely swear by them. I put in on average at least 250 miles/week of race/base training and am competing both domestically and internationally at the Masters level.  I have some issues with one foot so the ability to create a one piece sole/orthotic that has the variations I need to correct the problem is very important. That molding also creates much better grip, are light and hold up better than most shoes. The ability to get a speedplay hole system is also a plus.



Andy Kutach

Bullard Tx


I have had my Riivo's for over a year now and can say they are by far my favorite pair of shoes.  I rode custom D2's for 5 years and in the last year year I have only worn the D2s 2 times, both times when its raining.  If you have issues with your feet and come home after a ride and all you can think about is taking your cycling shoes off, these are for you.  The only issue I can see if once you wear these you will not want anything else.  I know if something happened to my Riivos today I would be ordering a pair the next day.


Cat 2 Road



Mark Miller / Owner of Precision Bikes

114 Rena Drive

Lafayette, La. 70503


I have been riding and racing for over 20 years and until this year had never owned a pair of Custom cycling shoes. While at the Texas Ironman Expo I decided to talk with Brad Harper owner of Rilvo shoes. Needless to say I put a pair on order. I mostly race long course triathlon and wear road shoes all the time. Once casted by Brad it was only a matter of time before I received my pair of shoes. The fit and comfort from the shoes are like no other. The shoe actually feels more of a part of you on the bike. I am sold and back Brad and his product, the best shoes I have ever worn!



70.3 Worlds Qualifier

Ironman World Championship

Norseman Extreme Finisher

30 Time Ironman Finisher



Troy Attwell

Sacramento, CA


I have been speed skating for: 25 + years, and over the last 12 years, I have had the pleasure of racing on only Edgetek boots, and Riivo cycling shoes. I have enormous bunions from all the wear and tear on my feet over the years, and Brad has made my boots like gloves, with every bend around the bones perfectly, so that I can skate and ride comfortably. I have tried other competitors, but they can never really get around the bumps on my feet. Brad has perfected this. I have won many national championships on these boots, and won cycling races as well on his shoes. I am a fan and advocate for life. You cant perform at your best without the right equipment.


Inline Speed Skating/Cycling




Austin TX

Brad has provided excellent customer service and attention to detail.  I have three pairs of stock shoes and find them to be very durable, comfortable, light and better value / investment than the big name brands.  Thank you Brad!

Lifelong Cyclist – Masters Racer



Johny Ray

Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia


Riivo shoe is better than the actual photos. I just try it for the first time a few days ago, I wore it for the first time and go with the fast group (at least they fast for me] they go 40-43 km/h on flat. Usually I have to adapt with new shoe for a while, at that time no chance at all. The group rode like hell, I even didn't adjust cleat position properly. So try my best to follow them and I did it. After the flat. We go uphill for 800 meter above sea level and go back.


skill level:  I just love to ride,cycling about 300 kms a week.



Lorne Shiff

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I was at the 2014 North American Handmade Bicycle Show and had not thought about investing in a pair of custom handmade shoes in the past. There were three companies present and I went to talk to each of them. After making the decision to purchase a pair of shoes I felt that Brads experience and craftsmanship with the Riivo shoes would be the way to go. The reason for me wanting a pair of custom shoes is I am a Type 1 Diabetic and have neuropathy, which causes my foot to go numb and get very painful. I do about 8 century rides a season mostly with JDRF Ride To Cure Diabetes, www.ride.jdrf.org . My purchase was a success and so far this season the shoes have been fantastic with little if no pain after a number of century rides. If you are considering a pair of custom shoes do not hesitate any longer and get a pair if Riivo from Brad!




Dick Van Hooser

Cedar Park, TX  (an Austin suburb)


I’m a 75 year-old recreational rider.  I like to ride a few centuries each year and I average a little over 100 miles per week.


My feet are different sizes. Right foot size 11, left foot size 10 1/2. My ankles seem to be closer to the ground than average. My feet are wider at the front than at the heel. I was using a pair of Specialized shoes that were several years old. I had modified them with several bits of internal padding and on long rides they still made my feet hurt.  The soles were breaking up so I went shopping and even with the same brand (and I tried on every brand in Austin) I couldn’t find a shoe that didn’t hurt my ankle by pressing up against it on the outside.  Then my wife said “you have a custom built bicycle, surely someone makes custom built shoes”.  Wow, what a thought!  A little Googling (Binging, actually) and I found Riivo and the rest is history.